Question Dell 7010 Motherboard Boot Loop

Jul 23, 2020
Hello all,
I have two dell optiplex 7010 motherboards that I bought in hopes of having a cheap board for my 3770s. Neither of them will post, the fans simply spin up when the board gets power, and they loop turning on and off indefinitely. I thought maybe it was a bios support issue so I bought an i3 2120 and then eventually another of the same board to try and remedy that. To no avail. It seems to be a memory issue, as when the boards have RAM installed they power cycle, but when there is no ram the fans stay on and it gives a 132 post code. The RAM comes straight out of my personal computer with an i5 4690k so I know it works. I have tried with and without graphics cards, changing the power supply, supplying a boot device, plugging in dell fans, everything. It’s also worth noting that I don’t have a cooler that fits, so I’ve rested a stock Intel cooler and fan on top of the cpu (it’s making good contact). I’m seriously stumped here and I’d greatly appreciate any help. -MRL