Question dell 8 pin to 24 pin adapter (NOT 24 to 8) for optiplex 3020/7020/9020 PSU in an optiplex 3010/7010/9010

Jan 20, 2020
so i'm building a gaming optiplex. i have a d315-es-00 SFF power supply (315 watts) like this

it drops right into the fourth generation optiplex machines (3020/7020/9020) which uses an 8 pin connector. this would be great for a gaming PC using a GTX 1050 ti card (which i also have) but unfortunately the pcie x16 slots on the 3020/7020/9020 boards is too close to the PSU to support a two slot gpu.

so now im looking at the 3010/7010/9010 third generation optiplex line. the space in these machines will definitely allow for the 1050 ti. however, the PSU in these machines uses the 24 pin connector and there isnt a dell variant of that PSU that supplies more than 240 watts in the SFF.

So... i have this d315es PSU with the 8 pin connector but i need it to connect it to the board with a 24 pin connector. has anyone seen an adapter that would convert the 8 pin into the 24 pin? essentially its just the reverse of the common adapter out there like this