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Question Dell Alienware AW2521HF - some basic questions


Nov 26, 2015
Hi, everyone!

I can get this monitor for a very good price. The discount will end soon, so I don't have a lot of time to do some research of my own. Here are some basic questions about a high-hertz gaming monitor, since I have no experience with these.

I have a Gigabyte Gaming RTX2070 Super. I prefer playing games at 1080p with Ultra details, and VSync since this GPU has whine coil noise when it pushes games over 70-80 FPS (my current monitor is 60Hz). In most of the new games, I hit around 100 FPS, and this monitor iz 240 Hz (1080p). 240 FPS is something I can only get in CS:GO and LoL on low details.

How will this affect games?
The monitor has G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility so I guess there will be no screen tearing or other issues, like lag. Right?
If I understood correctly, the monitor adapts the refresh rate to the FPS count that the GPU is pushing.

How do I enable G-Sync? I suppose there will be some option on the monitor itself, but should I use in-game VSync with it? Should I tweak some settings in the Nvidia Control Panel?

Next, what kind of a cable do I need? I guess it's DisplayPort, but are there any differences between 1.4 and 2.0 cables?

I'm mostly playing single player games and Apex Legends or PUBG from time to time.

This monitor suits me because of a good price, my trust in Dell monitors, and 25" size which is perfect for my room and desk.