News Dell Announces Threadripper 5000 Pro Workstations

Hello AARON, the very first para of this article has a slight typo error. You missed the model name. I think you meant "Precision 7865 Tower", after the word ''called the''.... Not a big deal though.

Anyways, I think DELL should have used a slightly more beefy PSU for this system IMO. Also, it appears that DELL would be celebrating its 25th anniversary very soon.

Dell has announced a new workstation PC packing AMD’s high-performance Ryzen Threadripper 5000WX Pro CPUs, called the ? .

Jun 7, 2022
Any news about Threadripper 5000 is great news. Curious if Dell will implement that BS Lenovo did that prevents owners upgrading their CPU with retail chip should they start off with entry Threadripper Pro.

Vendor lock-in sucks for the end user.