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Question Dell can’t take stronger GPU

Apr 22, 2020
So I bought a dell it come with 6 core v3 Xeon 16 go memory and barco amd fire pro mxrt 7500 8tb sas drives and h710 raid card I took out the drives and raid card room out the CD player and used that connection for ssd drive installed reset and updated the bios to latest version installed windows 10. Everything was going fine when in bios or when installing windows, but when windows installed with fire pro it would start to flicker and artifacts would show up and screen would not shut off but go dark.( I did install drivers for fire pro from barco but screen would go. nuts and go dark) On the motherboard there is a yellow LED light flashing it on the right hand side at the bottom of the motherboard. What I did to try to remedy the issues I bough motherboard, power supply, memory and cpu v4 Xeon. I changed everything properly but I am seeing same issues LED yellow on motherboard flashing ( door is open this is how I see the flashing) so I borrowed old HD 7700 GPU took out fire pro and everything is working fine LED is still flashing but everything works fine nothing is shutting down scree is fine , so thought issue is fixed thinking it’s bad fire pro gpu bought used gtx 980 plug in to pcie x16 at the bottom plug in the gpu power cables 2 of them press power and out of one of the power plugs on gpu spark come out (when I plug in the 980 dell won’t turn on power button is flashing amber 2 blinks fallowed by short pause 2 blinks long pause repeat) I took out the gpu plug in the old 7700 and everything works fine. What I also did I took the voltage meter and check both power supply’s voltage in all of the cables plugs that are used by power supply and other board they all have same voltage except 24 pin mother board for example power supply A 24 pin first 2 pins from the top A power supply reads 5.02v one beside it reads 3.792v powers supply B first 2 Pins from top read 4.89v and one beside it read 4.86v I really can’t tell if power supply is bad since I dont know correct voltage coming out. I wrote entire voltage from each pin if this will help again thank you so much for your help

thanks guys

dell 7910 intex Xeon v4 8 core 16 go memory 1300 v power supply windows 10 pro gpu HD 7700 would like to install fire pro 7500 or gtx 980-Dell Precision Workstation T7910 Motherboard 2TPVG
I would try making a System Restore point, then removing the old GPU drivers in Safe Mode (F8).
Then try a clean GPU installation starting in Safe Mode. Modern drivers may need Windows running to install, but it should boot with no drivers.
I've seen a couple GTX980 running in that sytem here.
So I would try that one first. It seems theose came with Nvidia Quaddros so there may be an issue with Firepro.
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