dell dim 2400 and fan...


Jan 5, 2005
Hello, I'm in the process of upgrading my pc - I'd like to swap my cpu over to a new mobo, however there is a problem. I have a Dell Dimension 2400 and instead of having a fan attached directly to the cpu, there is a plastic green "tunnel" (on a hinge, so it swings off) that leads from the cpu to a fan on the side of the case. It appears that the case is specially designed to support this fan and "tunnel" system - thus, I suppose I'll need to buy a new fan when I transfer to a new case... anyone encounter something like this before?

For the record, the parts I have/am buying are as follows:

Gigabyte GA-8ISXT-FS mobo
P4 2.4B (Northwood core, 533 bus)
Crucial 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200 8T - OEM (x 2)
western digital 120 gb
coolmax 400W CX-400B taurus psu
powercolor 9600 Pro

Can anyone recommend an efficient fan? (and on a side note, does anyone see any problems with this line up, I'm somewhat computer ignorant...?) Thanks.