Dell Dimension 2400 and Radeon 9250 PCI card problem


Mar 2, 2003
My friend is unfortunate enough to have a Dell Dimension 2400 computer with built in graphics. He has been unknowingly flogging a dead horse trying to run his LOTR game using the supplied Intel Chipset - updating the drivers did get the game to run as far as the menu but anything further and it simply went back to the desktop.

Also to add salt into the wound - Dell have not even provided an AGP slot let alone PCI Express so with PCI cards being few and far between I was restricted to getting a Club 3D Radeon 9250 PCI card, simply because it was all I could find from my usual sources. I have used Sapphire Radeon 9200s as AGP and they were OK for the kind of games my friend would play, even the odd GTA III or Vice City at lowish resolutions.

In the Dell BIOS, the only video options I get are to change the primary video controller to AUTO or Onboard and how much memory I wish to allocate. I can only allocate 1MB or 8MB and unlike their onboard sound or network adapter, none of these options give me the ability to switch off the onboard graphics completely!! So each time the system boots up, I get no picture from the PCI card - only from the onboard VGA socket, Windows then attempts to install the onboard graphics using the Intel drivers that were preinstalled on the system. Also there is an option for AGP Aperture even though there is no pissing AGP slot!! - this is set on the highest setting of 256MB from 64MB.

I have tried uninstalling the drivers but it keeps looping back onto the onboard video card!! The PCI card is practically ignored throughout the usage of the computer, from the beginning through to Windows Device Manager. It keeps giving precedence over the onboard card instead of using the PCI card and disabling the onboard solution!! HELP PLEASE!!!!

System Specs:
Intel Pentium 4 2.4ghz
1.25GB of RAM (1x1GB of RAM, 1x256MB of RAM shipped with the system)
40GB Hard Drive
DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive, Dell Standard Issue
Windows XP Home Edition, "Dell Customised" (i.e. graffittied with Dell Wallpaper, software and shortcuts, and their affair of device drivers)
17in DELL FST CRT Monitor
Dell Keyboard and Mouse


Jul 2, 2009
1. Connect your VGA cable to the onboard port. (Not the Radeon)

2. Boot the computer into Safe Mode by pressing F8 when you see the blue Dell Logo, and go up to Safe Mode.

3. Open the Device Manager by Right Clicking on My Computer, select Properties, and then click Device Manager.

4. Click Display Adapters (or something of the sort) until you see the Intel Graphics Controller.

5. Right click it, and select Disable. DO NOT CLICK UNINSTALL!

6. Windows is going to ask you to restart. Click the box that says you'll do it later, and Shutdown your PC.

7. Proceed to install the card, and connect the VGA cable to the Radeon.

8. Reboot your PC.

9. When you get back into Windows, install the Drivers from the Supplied CD. Also, make sure that the setting in your BIOS for Primary Video Adapter is set to Auto.

Done! Hope this helps!

David Ryder

Oct 17, 2014
@ svirchow1: I know this post is old, but I picked up a dell Dimension 2400 for $15 and had the same problem installing an old radeon 9250 card in it. Your solution worked perfectly, thank you very much! It's actually a pretty quick machine 2.53Ghz w/2GB RAM, fine for web surfing and checking email :)