Dell dimension 3000 CPU/GPU/RAM


Jul 18, 2010
I recently got a free Dimension 3000 with 1GB of RAM, a Celeron D 320 (2.4) and I added a FX5200 card I had lying around. It runs very well for a free machine and I wanted to upgrade it further. I've read about the machine and know it's old but i'm going to keep it around as a fail-safe/ back up.

My question is can and should I make the upgrades listed below. ; Would this CPU be compatible? Is it a good upgrade?

I know this ram would work well. Sorta expensive for being pc3200 :/ I will check on ebay for some cheap 3200. ;

Is this compatible with the PC? It's PCI so I assume it would. Also would the PSU be able to handle all 3 upgrades???

I know for the price of these it's not worth the upgrades BUT I consider it because I found this

New GPUs for 20-30$

20-35$ For the CPU
20-50$ for RAM on Ebay