[Dell] Dimension 5150 will not boot unless all USB/lan removed.


Jul 22, 2008
Hi Guys/Girls

After updating my BiOS on my Dell Dimension 5150 will not boot up unless i have all the usb and lan connections removed.

(issue only happend after upgrade)

Now i get the orange flash of DEATH. :fou:

And now this is the way i have to boot my PC.

Remove all connections including power cable wait for orabge lite to stop flashing.

Hold in power button replace power cable. ( This some times needs to be perfomred a few times)

once the power goes green then i need to start plugging in everything like the usb and lan cables.

I do not disconnect the DVI or the sound cable from the tower.

If any one els has had this problem please help me out.

And yes i did use the correct Dell BiOS upgrade and have all so downgraded the BiOS with still the same problem.

And i was advised by Dell i would need a new Mainbored and i do not wish to buy a new mainbored or another pc.

Jason A