Dell Dimension 9100 RAM upgrade


Feb 13, 2007
Hi. Basically my friend is running only 512 mbs of PC4300 RAM. I was looking into getting him an extra 2 gigs, since he plays RAM intensive games, like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I searched and found that the motherboard he uses 0X8582, supports up to I believe DDR2-677. Is there any way I can make sure? I know that it's backwards compatible, but why waste that much money? Can anyone make sure for me? The scanner at 4 Memory All also said that it's usable.
Dells can be finicky about the ram that is put in them. Crucial is the brand most often reccomended but Kingston KVR and Corsair Value Ram also work well in my experience.
And yes PC5300 will work as will PC6400, get what ever is the least expensive.

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