Dell Dimension E251 - Serious problems

wally 63

May 23, 2012
The Dell Dimension in our church office has been running slowly on an intermitant basis, both in application and internet mode. It appears to only have 488KB RAM. How much RAM (and what type) can be installed on this machine?
There is no way it can have have 488KB of RAM, last PC to have that much memory was made in the 80s.

You may have a 512MB stick installed though which is pretty low. Go to, run the system scanner from that site, it will tell you what is installed and what you can order from them to increase things.

Re-installing Windows clean on it after backing up your files and settings will also help.


Dell-Mayank Thakur

May 24, 2012
Hello Wally,

My name is Mayank and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.
It seems that you have a Dimension E521 desktop computer. Would like to tell you that some memory in your system is reserved for the Operating System data. This system may have 512MB memory but it will show much lower if you look at it from inside the Operating System. If you want to know exactly how much memory is installed in your computer, please follow the following steps:
1. Power on the computer and wait for the Dell Logo to appear on your screen.
2. Press F2 on the Dell Logo it would take you to the Setup screen.
3. This screen is divided into two parts: The Left Hand Side (LHS) and the Right Hand Side (RHS). You can highlight the options on the LHS using the up and down arrow keys of your keyboard.
4. The third option from top on the LHS (under the main heading System) is: Memory Info.
5. Highlight that option using the Up and Down arrow keys of the keyboard. It will give you all the details about your memory including the capacity and speed.
This is the actual amount of memory that you have in your system.
If you want to know how much RAM (and what type) can be installed on your system, I will recommend that you to visit this Dell website: and click on the big blue “ANALYZE SYSTEM” button.

This website will not only give you how much RAM can be installed but also would let you know the price of the compatible Memory.

Hope this helps,

Dell-Mayank T