Question Dell E6540 not powering on


Apr 12, 2022
My Dell E6540 is not powering on.
The power supply is a real dell and is working good, it has power to the USB as I have a back kit mouse and the battery is healthy but I only used it on AC.
Now it been acting buggy first w10 went bad couldn't not even restore it from USB, I replaced the whole hard drive with one that had w10 per install on it, that worked good but for one thing it now would power off on it own with no warning, I seen nothing in the power settings to cause this, the only setting I have changed was to shutdown when the power switch was press and when the lid was closed.
Try unplugging the battery.
Press the power button several times.
Connect just the AC power adapter and see if it powers on.

I had that model at work, I got it 9 years ago and it ran fine for 5 years. It was acting up when the battery was no longer good.
After a new Dell battery it was running fine again...until I got a replacement in 2019.