Question Dell G5 5590 trackpad not working

May 4, 2019
Got a dell g5 around 2 months ago, when I got it the trackpad worked but the bottom half of it seemed unresponsive, odd but I usually use a mouse anyway so I left it alone for a while. Around last month I tried to fix it, tried to uninstall trackpad drivers in device manager and re install them but they wouldn't reinstall, now the trackpad was down as a ps/2 device and all of the precision options I had when I went to trackpad settings were gone, and the trackpad wouldn't work at all. I re set my pc seeing if that did anything but it didn't. Tried manually updating my bios and chipset drivers etc from the dell website but still nothing. The odd time when I boot my pc the trackpad will work but no two finger scrolling will work or anything like that. This only happens maybe 1 in every 10 times I boot it. When it is working if I go into touchpad settings the only option I have is to change the sensitivity, but even if I adjust it the trackpad remains the same sensitivity.