Question Dell G7 4g LTE conversion

Oct 26, 2020
I am in the process of trying to add a 4G LTE module to my Dell G5 (17 inch). This was not an option available for this laptop. The reasons and motivations for wanting to do this are very complicated, so please read before suggesting that I get a mobile hot spot, USB or ANY style of (removeable) device. I have no internet, as I live in a rural area. Verizon is my only option and I get great service on my many devices (iPads, cell phones etc.) I'm wanting to add 4G LTE to my laptop as Verizon will NOT allow a TRULY unlimited plan for anything that is NOT integrated into the device (like it is for an iPad, cell phone etc) Verizon will cap data usage to 15 GB on any device that "shares" a wifi signal to another device to provide it with internet (like a hot spot does) and throttle it to 600kbs until the new billing cycle.

I dropped my computer off at a local computer shop and though they tried, they failed, so now I am coming to you.

So here is my plan. The laptop has a SSD and a M.2 which are used for storage. I am waning to remove the M.2 and move all of the data to the SSD. I see that many laptops that come with 4G LTE use a m.2 slot for the 4G LTE module. I am going to try installing the module to the old M.2 slot. I am aware that I going to have to add an antenna.

If you or anyone you know has any experience with adding a 4g LTE module to a laptop, or PC using the m.2 or PCI-e slot, please help, before I just start buying parts and tossing them in and "hoping" it works
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