dell gaming, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 27, 2007
if i buy this dell will be able to play games like age of empires 3, battle for middle of earth 2, and world of warcraft on really low settings????? i just want to be able to play them, nothing more.... what would you reccomend, i have 700-900 bucks t spend on a low end laptop that will play these games but i dont give a damn aout how igh graphics quality it is check out theis comp i might buy and PLZZZ get back to me:

its an inspiron 6400 dual core with a 256MB ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON® X1400 HyperMemory graphics card and 160GB hard drive...


Oct 30, 2006
you'll BARELY get by with that laptop, you'll even be lucky if you can start the game. The processor wont be able to handle the games, let alone, the video card cant handle it.
To be able to play games, you'll end up wasting money just to play games. why not just invest in a desktop computer?


Sep 11, 2006
I have one of those laptop. With 1Gig and X1400. I do play some games on it, Sid Meiers Pirates and Sims 2. Both plays fine, but not at the highest quality.

So I can say it can play games. Whether it will play your games to your satisifaction I don't know.

I have to agree with the original poster though. If playing games is a major requirement, then I suggest spending more on a proper gaming laptop or just get a desktop. Otherwise you will just be disappointed and waste your money.

With Dell, you could order and try it out. If it is not to your requirements, you could try returning it. Speak to the sell rep to confirm this is okay first. I have returned items before but these were unopened so I do not know what the policy is if you installed programs and used it.

Maybe you could try a similar laptop in a shop and see how it plays.


Mar 29, 2007
I would REALLY consider just going with the desktop option for several reasons.

1) A desktop configured with the same hardware would cost less.
2) Gaming laptops get really hot, and go through battery power really fast.
3) Laptop keyboards wear out faster. This will be a problem if you plan to play "aggressive games," like half life 2, which would wear your keyboard out faster.
4) Desktops are waaay easier to upgrade, if you want to change a video card, memory, etc.

The only upside I can think of for getting a laptop would be that you could play the sims while you're at school, but there's not going to be much call for this. You could use it to take notes in class, but a traditional "paper notebook" would be just as, if not more, effective.