Dell Inprison 620


Dec 5, 2012
When i start up my dell it loads past the dell screen my computer asks me weither to load windows normaly or launch windows repair. I click normal startup and it then starts to load the windows flag. Once the flag does its spin around it freeze's then restarts and repeats the process over and over again. When i click launch windows repair it says it repairs then restarts. I tryed loading from a usb that didnt work also booting in safe mode doesnt work.

Here is some more info

Every single time I try and boot up my computer I get the same message over and over again.

*Repair windows
*Start windows normally

I tried both options when I get into the screen that says repair windows it checks for a start up repair but then this message pops up. Start up repair cannot repair this computer automatically.

This is the details problem that they put

Problem signature

Problem Event Name: startuprepairoffline
Problem signature 01: 6.1.7600.1685
Problem signature 02: 6.1.7600.1685
Problem signature 03: unknown
Problem signature 04: 21200295
Problem signature 05: Autofailover
Problem signature 06: 11
Problem signature 07: Failureduringsetup

OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID:1033

I've tried about every option there is inside of the advanced recover tool. I've tried start up repair and that message pops up.

I've tried system restore and it shows a earlier date but I've tried restoring it to that date and it still does not work.

I've tried system image recovery but there is no point in time that there was an image. It says windows cannot find a a system image on this computer.

I've tried the windows memory diagnostic and it shows there are no problems.

I even tried the dell datasafe restore and emergency back up i've tried the option where I delete all of my images videos and everything on my computer basically back to factory settings people would say it says the task was complete 100% i reset my computer and this whole thing restarts again.

If you can help me please reply