Dell Inspirion One - black screen


Feb 14, 2012
I have a new Dell Inspirion One with Windows 7 & to my extreme frustration it keeps on acting up. The problem is all of a sudden the screen goes black , and stays black , but the power is still on. This happens with more & more frequency but Dell has just reset, then completely erased my computer twice & it is still doing this.I've run every scan on my computer & even on the Windows site & the computer comes out clean & it only says ''unknown event occured''.When i'm watching streaming t.v the picture will freeze first and often make a strange noise like a Emergency Broadcast sounding beep. Dell will fix the computer for free , but they are saying this is software & want me to pay 200- for software support. I know nothing about computers but they erased it twice, so how can it be Windows & how annoying, the damn computer came with Windows & they want me to pay to fix it ..... Please Help !!!!!!!


Jan 30, 2011
for $200 your paying for a whole new program or video card.
thats what happens when you buy, Gateway or Dell. These computers are custom made. Thats how DELL makes their millions. Its probably an onboard video card.
google the software