DELL Inspiron 14 3421's CPU fan is not working properly.

Jan 20, 2019
Apparently as the title says, my CPU fan is not working properly, this isn't new as well.
I've got this laptop since 2014, everything was working properly , I was able to run some games such as Roblox, Minecraft, and so on.
At October 2018, The PC had experienced a lot of FPS drops on the mentioned games (from 60 to 25), I thought it was a battery issue but after checking it, there was no problem at all.

After a couple of days , I noticed that my CPU fan was making a lot of noises, it usage was very high even though I haven't executed any programs, that haven't affected my FPS issue too.

But Today, I have seen something interesting. While I was playing in ROBLOX, I noticed the game was getting very smooth all in a sudden, I realized the FPS was increased to 60. While that , I noticed my fan was working properly, without any noises or any issue. But after a few moments, it returned back to its initial situation: the FPS has dropped to 25 and the fan stopped spinning, making the game stuttering and less smooth.

After opening the Diagnostics and running a test from the BIOS boot setup, It was said that my fan failed to respond correctly. This image shows it : http://

If you can't load the image then the error code is 2000-0511, the validation code is 86931 .

My PC specs:
RAM: 2 GB.
GPU: Intel HD Graphics.
CPU: Intel Pentium CPU 2117U 1.8GHz Dual Core.
HDD space: 300 GB.
(Note that even if these specs seem too weak, they can still run some games like Roblox without any problem.)

I've already tried to update my BIOS setup, adjust my fan speed, and all other solutions related to performance but nothing seems to work. It's really not worth the time I spend for solving this issue.

I am planning to disassemble my laptop, clean my CPU Fan to remove the dust and see if this would help. But for now, are there any other solutions? If so, please share them in this thread.
Jan 20, 2019
Update on this situation ( Sorry for bumping this topic ).
Alright so this day, I have disassembled my laptop to clean the processor fan.I noticed it was very dusty, so I kept cleaning all of it for more than a half hour to make sure everything is alright.
I have re-assembled everything back again, ran the PC on, the fan started to spin in high speed. To confirm if this problem is finally fixed, I went into the diagnostics and ran a test, everything was fine until it reached the processor fan component and it detected the same error as before (The processor fan failed to respond correctly).
Even though, the fan's speed was at 2000+ RPM during the test and it kept on increasing.
I did another test, by playing a game. The results were satisfying since the FPS went up to 50 and above.

After some hours, the fan's speed became very limited and returned just like if it was never cleaned.

Is there any way to fix this besides buying a new fan? If there is none then I will just stick up with buying a new one and replacing it.

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