Dell inspiron 3650 desktop graphics card upgrade

The motherboard needs to have the pci-ex slot. You need to have space inside the case. The power supply needs to be adequate. Open the case and look at the label on the power supply. You want to see two things. One, it's a "300W" or more. Something like "240W" would not be good. Two, in smaller print you'll see "output" listed. The 12V output should have "18A" or more. Something like "14A" would not be good.

I advise to install one thing at a time, the SSD or the videocard. Then test the computer and make sure everything works right. Then you can add the second thing.
May 23, 2018
The best gpu that you can add to this system with no change in power supply is the Zotac 1050 ti mini with the dual fans. It requires 10 watts less than the included radeon gpu and requires no power supply connections. It is much more capable than the included radeon r7 360 and plays every game from forza horizon 3 to mass effect andromeda at high to ultra settings at 1080p/60+ and quite a few titles at 1440p at 30/60 fps as well. I added the 1050 ti over a year ago back when it retailed at $149 on newegg and it continues to amaze me.

Last week I add a corsair sfx 600watt psu that fits in the case so I can upgrade to a 1080 ti mini should I choose, but that's another story for another time.