Question Dell Inspiron 3650 not booting to Windows

Jul 27, 2021
Hello. Thank you for taking some time to help me with my situation. I have a Dell Inspiron 3650 that I have upgraded with a GTX 1050 and a EVGA 400W power supply. It usually works great with these components and runs smoothly. However, one day I went to turn it on and it wouldn’t boot past the Dell logo, it just went to a black screen. So, I got a USB thumb drive and tried to reinstall windows on my hard drive. It was appearing to work up until it was going to finish up and boot to Windows. Then it black screened AGAIN! So I went to my local computer store to pick up a new hard drive thinking it was a drive issue. I installed Windows on it and it worked for about a week and a half, up until today. I went to go turn it on and THE BLACK SCREEN WAS BACK AGAIN. I tried calling Dell support but they wanted to charge me $99 because “my warrenty was expired” so that’s why I’m here. Any help/suggestions you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

Some things I have tried already to no success:
-Unplugging my PC and holding the POWER button for 30 seconds
-Making sure the BIOS time is correct
-Making sure the boot order is correct in BIOS

I only got it to boot once this morning, and that was when it had been running at the black screen for quite some time and I pressed the power button to switch it off thinking it wasn’t working, but when I looked up it was at the Lock Screen. Strange.

Thanks in advance for your help.