Dell inspiron 5510

Nov 3, 2021

So I have finally decided that I will NOT be getting a gaming laptop and that it will NOT be used for gaming

I except it to be able to do everything else with ease though as well as have a good screen etc... my budget was 1000 euros maximum

and I have come down to the DELL Inspiron 15 5510 as my final choice

it has the components I want as well as a good design

The confusing thing is there's like 10 different laptops of the SAME NAME but with different specs... and I am mostly concerned about thermals and noise

Is this a good pick or not

thank you


You sure you want to purchase something like that off of Ebay? Don't you have any other sites at your disposal? As for the Dell, the monitor/hinge design looks very much like that found on an Asus Vivobook. Can you share all the app's/tasks that you'd like to tax the laptop with?
Nov 3, 2021
Is something wrong with Ebay?

It is a new and unused product, not just a random

and Ebay has a moneyback guarantee in case you don't receive it

and unfortanately no I can't find this freaking laptop ANYWHERE... especially for the correct price and it's the only one that has my correct specs

as for the tasks

basically web browsing, basic tasks and watching a few heavy movie files 10-15gb MKV files in 1080p

pretty much it

I just need something fast and that is gonna last 5 years without sweating


Like many, most Dell products they offer a line, and then feature set/upgrades within that line. Knowing them you are likely to see options with such as i5 or i7, HDD/SSD/M.2 and so forth.

I like Dell laptops and have owned a few of them over the years. My latest one is an Inspiron, which I like for the feature to price. The only model of them that I recall being a "watch out" for were the convertible "all in one" style laptop/tablets they sold a couple of years ago. My recent acquisition was an 8th gen i5 model with not too many bells and whistles. I have been quite happy with it.

My previous laptop was an i5 840M IIRC and it was still working fine, if a bit slow, when I gave it to a friend.

The one aspect I would warn about looking into is whether you can actually open the case and change things like RAM, drives and so on. It was a heavy influence on my last purchase, but understand that a lot of the new mobile devices are soldered in and unable to be user upgraded in any way. Make sure you find out, or purchase with all the envisioned upgrades you will need over that time frame.