Dell Inspiron 640m,Reinstalled Operating System,Still Having Problems


Aug 3, 2009
I have a Dell Inspiron 640m & i reinstalled my operating system,but when i log in to a user account it appears as if its in Safe Mode...but its not in Safe Mode...what does this mean and what should i do about this?? Is it something else that I need to install to get the account back to normal??


What OS do you have?

Are you saying that the user account setting is saying that it is in safe mode when you log in but that you continue on to complete the boot process and everything works like normal mode? And that this apparent error keeps repeating?

Have you done a cold boot - actually shutting down computer not just a restart to see if that clears it?

If not, one thing you might try is to use the F8 key on booting as you would to enter safe mode (see your manual). If that shows safe mode selected, you might change it.

While less likely to make a difference, you might also try unplugging the computer for about a minute then plugging in and booting - this is less likely to work but a lot easier to try then some other things.

If none of those work - you might try a system restore - assuming you have a recent restore point that will not take you back before some significant system changes.



If you haven't started checking yet - try Aford's suggestion before mine. I was still fumbling for more info to understand the problem but his diagnosis fits the symptoms as you reported them very nicely and is easy to check. Very wise.