Question Dell Inspiron 7559 shutting down every 30 minutes.

Feb 14, 2019
Hello everyone,

Bought this dell laptop couple years ago for my girl friend. At the time was pretty strong with an i7 6700 proccesor and 4k uhd touch display.
Unfortunately like 6 months ago we plugged it into a damaged outlet while the battery was not mounted, I saw some sparkles at the outlet. Since then the laptop shuts down every 30 minutes, I've tried a variety of options to fix it but none worked.
Apparently it shuts down in safe mode and bios also. At this point I narrowed it down to the motherboard being damaged.

My question is: Can the motherboard be fixed or should I let this laptop go and move on?

Thank you.
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Motherboards can be repaired, but whether a tech will do this/whether it's considered salvageable or not depends on where the failure is. The board could also be replaced, just be sure to replace with an identical model (revisions are usually fine as long as the board is compatible with the shell and component connections).

You're sure this isn't a thermal shutdown?