Question Dell Inspiron 7567 boot issue

Sep 5, 2021
Hi Everyone!

I have Dell Inspiron 7567 (i7-7700HQ + Nvidia 1050ti Max-Q) running Windows 10 Pro with all latest drivers drivers installed only from Dell Driver support page.

The issue is quite random. Sometimes, the Laptop does not boot at all when trying to turn on.

By this, I mean the power button light come up only for 1-2 seconds before turning off. The BIOS/OEM logo too doesn't come up and so, I can't even open BIOS/Boot Menu via "F12". If I keep pressing the "d" button while pressing power button, it triggers display check in Dell and so, I can see white screen for 5 second after which it turns off again.

This thing has happened with me when:
  1. I am trying to boot the laptop for the first time on that day (i.e. laptop has been turned off for 8-10hrs)
  2. I have turned it off while going out for 30-40 mins and then trying to turn it back on.

Also once it starts happening, the output is same with/without charger.

The laptop randomly starts booting normally as if nothing had happened. once its started normally after being disconnected for 15-20 mins, but the other day, it didn't start for 10 hrs straight (tried turning it on thought out the day at random intervals)

When it boots, it doesn't trip/break at all, I tested benchmarking and ran CPU+GPU test on it for 1 hr and the temps were well under 95C for both. Also did RAM test, SSD and HDD tests and all showed no error.

What can be the issue with the laptop ?

The thing which confuses me the most is that when I did a verbal discussing with the repair shop near me, he said it might be heating issue, but how come it works without any issue when running benchmarking software for 1hr and while playing GTTA5 for more than 3hrs ?

Need your assistance in finding out the issue
Sep 5, 2021

Gave laptop to local repair center and he says that after hardware testing, he found out that I/O Controller seems to be heating up and would require $125+ for repairs..

I asked him how come the Laptop wouldn't turn on on the first boot of the day itself as all components would be around room temp when laptop is being booted after 9-10 hrs to which he said "don't know"

I kept the laptop turned on for 15 hrs straight (1hr gaming every 2 hrs) and it did not crashed at all..

Not able to to understand what the issue might be