Dell inspiron mini 10v cannot find network


Sep 2, 2012
My Dell inspiron mini 10v laptop cannot find my network. States internet explorer cannot display the webpage. Also states network cable is unplugged. I previously did have my network up and rrunning fine plus shown on icon is gone. My desktop shows shows that dell laptop is part of the network but still cannot connect. how can i restablish internet connectivity on the dell without a cd installation for wireless usb adapter available? please help :hello:
You need to add some details here. Is the laptop plugged into an ethernet cable? If not, the message that a cable is unplugged is normal. Does it work if you plug it into a cable?

Are you using a wireless usb adapter? If you are, and it's not in Device Manager, you need to re-install it. Just download the drivers with another computer. That laptop has built-in wireless though, why use the usb adapter?