Question Dell Inspiron N7010 RAM Upgrade


Dec 23, 2019
Hi guys.

So I have this old 17" Dell Inspiron N7010, that I'm trying to breed some new life in to, but with no success. I want to add more RAM and a SSD so on.

It currently has 4GB of DDR3 ram, 1x stick Samsung 2GB 1333MHz, 1x stick Patriot(Nanya) 2GB 1333Mhz, they work in dual channel and that's how I bought it from DELL, I never knew the sticks ware different until recently, when I opened it up.
The sticks are running at 1066MHz, somehow?
I bought Corsair MAC memory 2x4 GB@1066, one of the sticks turn out to be faulty, but the other one worked just fine, I returned the faulty one, but they had no replacement, so they gave me my money back, then I returned the working stick as well.

I bought a Corsair (VALUESELECT) 2x 4GB@1600 MHz, thinking it will default at 1066MHz, I was wrong. When I enter the BIOS it says that they run at 1600MHz.

The CPU is i3 370M, Max memory size is 8GB, clocked at 1066Mhz MAX. So everything out side of the BIOS, is not working, when I self diagnose, it freezes at some point, when i memtest, freezes, when I try loading windows, it restarts.

My question is, can I do something to make the memory run at 1066MHz? Like the two 1333 sticks I currently have.
In the BIOS all most everything is locked, except, TIME DATE, and some CPU features, I can put BIOS, pictures if someone is interested.

I know the laptop is old, and most people will say: "Don't waste your money on an old PC". But the thing is, that this laptop is used for playing movies on a TV and web browsing. I'm planing to spend not more then 80$-90$ for ram and SSD. I live in Eastern Europe and the market here is dreadful, the new 17" laptops start at the prize of 750$, I'm not spending that much, so I can brows the web and watch movies.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Should I buy some ddr3@1333MHz to see if it will default @1066MHz?