Dell inspiron virus


Oct 25, 2010
Today while on the internet a message popped up saying that an unknown website was trying to open itself on my computer. I clicked block and continued on, not even 5 seconds later I was told that some file was infected. Now I can't open anything and everytime I try to it opens this antivirus action thing that says it's scaning my computer checking for virus'. I don't remember installing it and it won't let me open Mcfee, my real anti virus. Please tell me how to remove this without downloading something.
First of all you usually don't want to download something, that can make it worse.
Hold F8 down while starting the computer, on a Dell you will many times find system restore and repair items in F8 menu. The menu will also have a safe mode start option.
Try to run the system restore, setting the computer back to an earlier date, if that fails try another earlier date you can try the system repair option under f8.
You can try starting the computer windows in safe mode as above, try to open, update and scan with Mc afee in safe mode. If that fails you could try scanning with an alternate system such as malware bytes, if your internet will connect in safe mode.
You can hopefully backup all your personal files in safe mode to a thumb drive, etc...
If all else fails, start the computer holding down F8, insert the win 7 installation disk, select boot from CD drive, choose "upgrade install" which will not erase the personal files but will reload the operating system defaults. (it repairs the OS)
If that fails the drive can be removed, installed as a second drive on a working computer. Your personal files can be dragged off the damaged drive onto a backup. Your damaged drive can be reformatted and the OS reinstalled.

Basically, a virus has disabled Mcafee, and you will need to recover your personal files before repairing or replacing the operating system. OR pay a computer shop to recover your personal files by removing the drive.

Then, recommend you use Norton 360 or Panda Internet Security, avoid any free security downloads or "fix it" programs in the future. OK personally I am not a fan of Mcafee, and you may be better protected using another higher rated system.

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