Dell knowingly sold defective machines between 2003 and 2005 according to the Ne

Luckily it looks like the machines affected were enterprise class, not consumer class. With that said though, I wouldn't doubt it that some consumer class PC's suffered the same fate as the U of T, for example. My dad bought a desktop around that time, but it is still going today, luckily. Still though, a fine example of how these major computer manufacturers have and still do put out sub quality computers. I've had a horrid time with HP laptops in past (went through 3 in 3 years). It takes an incident like this, especially against big time institutions and companies with the money to fight it, to finally draw attention to regular consumer's complaints.
We had a brand new Dell Inspiron laptop that had a bad motherboard. Dell gave us the runaround. Finally, we just paid a technician to purchase a replacement board and he replaced it at our cost. The tech told us that Dell was aware of this issue. Shame on Dell!