Question Dell laptop keyboard issue


May 22, 2018
In this quarantine, i require your help! so i have a Dell Insipron 15 3543 laptop. few days back i started having issues with its keyboard. I can tell you with pretty much surety that it started with num pad 8 key not working. now home key doesn't work, key 5 and 6 and a bunch of other keys not working. Initially when i presses them a lot they worked till a few strokes only. but the thing is when the numpad 8 worked, all others worked as well! using windows 8.1, reinstalled as well, tried safe boot also. same result.
just today the thing that made me come here is this- when i press 5 and numpad 8 and numpad * keys, this is what i get v when i press 6 and numpad 8 and numpad * keys, i get m
i thought my keyboard is due for repair but now i feel the keyboard is just not getting properly recognised. shortcuts which dont exist are happening with the keys that otherwise dont work. pretty much all troubleshooting is done by me. and now if its a hardware issue then shouldnt they simply not work in any way whatsoever?