Dell laptop with docking station dual monitor problems


Sep 11, 2009
I have a dell laptop with a docking station and two acer 19" flatscreen monitors . i have had it set up for dual external monitors one plugged into the vga port and one plugged into the dvi port. the problem started when i disconnected everything to move it to another room. i am 100% positive that i have connected everything back how it was but when i booted the computer up only the monitor that was connected the vga port on the docking station worked i have tried to reconfigure the dual monitors in the nvidia control panel but it will not recognize the monitor that is plugged into the dvi port. i have tried other monitors also new cables but the nvidia control panel will not see the second monitor nor will the windows display properties. I have also tried function f8 on the keyboard but it only turns on the laptops internal display plus the vga monitor. if you could help i would surely apreciate it because i am stumped.