Question Dell Latitude E5470 laptop shuts off during fresh install of Windows 10 ?


Nov 25, 2018
I explain from the start of what has been going on. My girlfriends laptops AC adapter failed so we bought her a new one off of Amazon. When the new one arrived and we turned her laptop on it kept shutting off as if it wasn't holding a charge or anything. After a few tries we finally got it to turn on but there was an issue with windows it said and it prompted to do a reinstall of windows which we decided to go ahead and do. It got through the full process of installing and made it to the final part of the setup where you choose your password etc. This is where the problem seems to live, whenever the computer gets to this part of the install it just shuts off.

This is very strange. I figured maybe it's a hard drive issue so I bought a brand new hard drive and installed it and the same issue happens at the exact same time. I installed windows on a flash drive just to see if its the partition on the laptop was faulty or something, this was not the case. Even when installing windows from a completely different copy we run into the same issue at the same exact time of the install. We figured it wasn't a power issue since it literally would stay powered on during the entire install which could be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and it will not restart at all but as soon as it gets to the setting up windows portion of the install it shuts off and corrupts the install and we have to start over.

So after some testing we found out that the battery doesn't seem to be getting charged which could mean that it's either dead or the AC adapter we bought isn't charging it. I feel like the power cable should keep the computer on during the install process if this is the case but something isn't adding up here. If the laptop is powered enough to complete one part of the install, why is it not powered enough to complete the second part of the install?

Even when keeping the computer off for a bit then turning it on to complete that part of the install it just shuts right off. Anyone have any ideas of why this could be happening? Any support would be very helpful. Thank you.