Question Dell latitude e7270 keyboard issues??


Feb 5, 2011
Hi ,

I have a problem with friedns laptop that's driving me crazy so i need to ask for your help ...

After fresh windows 10 install and bios update i can't get FN left and right Ctrl to work? Very strange. It had some problems before like mouse just stops working and I have to press any key to be able to move it and some keys seems not to work like f2 f3. After little cleanup of keys and fresh install PC seems to work great but I can't use crtl and FN key. They don't even register on keyboard tester online.

I plugged in my wired keyboard and every thing works just fine but not on built in keyboard. FN and both crtl don't even work in safe mode.

I tried fresh install of windows , drivers update , reinstalling keyboard drivers and every possible thing i found on the forums about similar problem. Still it's not fixed. Any ideas what can it be ? I will post some pictures of bios settings and keyboard....
Jun 27, 2021
try a different keyboard to confirm its not physical / mechanical issue

I remember in the old days, you could change BIOS for the type of keyboard attached….102 keys vs 110?….Not sure if thats still around but could explain why some keys act disabled if not the right selection….
try changing and resetting this setting to see if that helps

sometimes, keys can wear out or accumulate gunk and require a little extra strength to press to be noticed. how old and or dirty/dusty is it?