Question Dell Latitude E7440 only recognizes dell power supplies when it is plugged into a dock

Nov 16, 2020
I have a dell latitude e7440 that I saved from the scrap pile. When I got the machine it had dead short and the system would not power on. I was able to trace the short to a small capacitor near the mosfet PQ4. With the capacitor removed, the system booted. However, it did not recognize my dell power supply. I tried the laptop with my 90w and my 240w chargers, that I use regularly, but to no avail. I even borrowed a friend's newer 65w charger, but there was no change. The bios said the power supply unknown and refused to charge(it said the battery was at idle). I then put it in my dell docking station, and then it proceeded to recognize the cable and charge the battery. I then procced to switch the power jack, which also did not work.
Unfortunately, I was unable to find a working board view file to trace the sense pin of the power cable, so I was wondering if anyone could help with it. I have a schematic, but it is next to useless without the board view. I was really hoping to replace my daily driver Latitude E6410 with it, But since it gets over 6 hours of daily use, so I need to be able to charge on the go,

Thank You for your time!
This forum has been a big help to me in the past, but this time I was unable to find a similar issue :/