Dell let someone steal $3000 by hacking into my account. Nothing is being done about it.

Jul 23, 2019
I found out, purely by accident, last week that my DFS account had been hacked and someone had ordered something from Microsoft for almost $3000. I discovered this theft! Dell did not! I have been told by phone that the purchase was reported to the three credit bureaus ( my credit score has since dropped 11 points) and that nothing can be done to correct the problem with the credit bureaus for up to 60 days. I was given a case number last week and when I checked online today, Tuesday, the case number seems to be non-existent. A second phone call to the Fraud Phone Number revealed that there will be no information regarding my case until an investigator has been assigned, sometime in the the next 30-45 days. In the meantime, this almost $3000 order is being shipped to someone who just stole $3000. and nothing is being done about it. (I understand that I will not be held responsible for paying this charge, but right now someone has just walked off with a $3000. door prize. ) How did the hacker get my password? It is a password that I ONLY use for this DFS account. No other accounts from other entities have been broached in any way Why and how, only Dell?