Dell M2010 Retread


Jul 15, 2010
So I have an existing Dell M2010 that is now very well aged (4+ years). However, I love the case and the monitor. I've never mucked around inside a "notebook" before but I figure this would make an interesting project. Caveat Emptor:
The last time I built a PC was well over a decade ago, I'm in software, I don't touch wires :)

That being said I'd like to work on retreading mine. Anyone done it? Does anyone have "for an idiot" pointers that I should pay attention to? Again it such a nice case, especially for my needs, that I hate to relegate it to the dust bin. StarCraft II is calling...


Dec 18, 2009
My guess is that you're going to have a lot of trouble doing much with the M2010. Laptops (and laptop-like objects) are notoriously difficult to upgrade.

You should be able to upgrade the hard drive, and maybe the RAM. You could possibly upgrade the processor, but that upgrade is likely to be a very poor use of your money. Graphics card is going to be difficult to upgrade, if at all possible.

My recommendation would be to keep it, put in a smallish SSD, reinstall your OS, and use it as a web-browsing/light computer, and build a new computer for SC2. SC2's system requirements are pretty relaxed, you should be able to build something that can handle it well for under $1000.


Dec 6, 2012
I am presently in the process of up~grading a dEll M2010 !
not too sure what you have done ?; nor what has worked for you ?
if you are not using your M2010 as a white elephant/paperweight scenario you might find the time to reach out to Me ?

at present:
I have a professionally rebuilt graphic video card in place
I am testing a series of socket 'P' micro~processor
(it has been explained to Me that I can in fact up~grade the micro~processor to a T7600 ?)
with a recent micro~processor up~grade in a hp HDX 9000 series laptop; I will be transferring the T7600 into My M2010 !
I am installing twin 750gb SeaGate hard disc drive
the operating system will be: Knoppix VII.( ?)[via live disc]\Mac OS X; X.VII [virtual]/window$ XP [virtual]\window$ $e7en