News Dell May Turn to AMD CPUs, Expects Intel Shortage to Extend Into H2 2020


Jun 14, 2011
Dell's extreme loyalty to Intel must have its roots in the money the company received from Intel back when they were paying them "very handsomely" to not use AMD parts ...

The reason I say this is if I run a company and I have vendor A, that is losing me money, has security issues, has competitive products but not that different, costs me much more for my materials etc. and vendor B, which has none of those issues, I don't think I would wait until my company started to go downhill to consider vendor B, when my over reliance on vendor A is what is causing me to lose business.

Why did it take this long for Dell to even consider properly supplying AMD for their customers ... Epyc has been going strong for three years ... Intel "shortages" have been going strong for almost the same ...? Anyway mostly rhetorical, I think Intel is still "incentivizing" in some fashion at least. MSI CEO hinted also of his extreme loyalty to Intel, and how he had "upset intel" because he had no choice but to start making laptops with ryzen due to Intel shortage impacting his business.

Anyway maybe its Karma ... AMD had better ensure they take full advantage of the current environment - any slips could cost them, so they have to be in top form over the next few years in order to keep gaining market share.
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