Dell Motherboard


Mar 24, 2001
I bought a dell dimention desktop in November of 2001. it has a pentium 4 2.0ghz processor, 512mb RDRAM. Sandra says that the board uses the intel 82850/E chipset, and it supports a 4 x 133mhz FSB. does this mean i can upgrade to the new FSB and if i do will i need to install new 1066 RDRAM modules to replace my 800 ones? dell offers no help on motherboard/processor upgrades so they are no help. anyone have any ideas?



Feb 13, 2003
you don't need new ram... problem with these boards is that overclocking is sketchy... very sketchy... can you even get into the bios?? if so what options are you given for your fsb? I personally would not touch a dell with a ten foot pole... unless of course it was a ten foot baseball bat with which to smash it...

sorry bout that rampling.. anyway likely you will not be able to independently upgrade componenets, dell can sel cheap comps because the overspecilise their boards to make them cheaper to produce...

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The a modified Intel board and I don't know of any way to tell whether it's BIOS supports the "533" bus or not, other than to put a CPU in there and see.

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