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Question Dell Optiplex 7010 PSU upgrade options?

Jun 23, 2020
Thanks for the reply :)

I have a working power supply but only gives off 240w and have a geforce gt 1030 that requires 300w and just to have that bit extra wattage would be ideal.

Any upgrade suggestions would be appreciated:)
Jun 23, 2020
Thank you! :)

I currently have a i7 2600 in it as well and I understand this can be fairly power demanding!?

So im guessing 400w and above is perfect and allows space to change in the future.
A 400w tfx psu is nigh impossible to get.

The best tfx psu would likely be a seasonic SSP-300TGS, but it will also be more expensive and hard to find.
After that, maybe the seasonic ssp-300tbs
followed by the cwt 300

I can't verify if any of these units are actually very good, but since the manufacturers are reputable, it'll prolly be ok.

If you actually want a 400w+ psu, you'll have to get creative and whip out a dremel and some angle brackets lol.
Thats a psu backplane for server boards, no, it wont work.

Thats an atx psu, it wont fit and even if it did, its more likely to cause a fire then provide power(260w on 12v rail btw).
Cheaping out on the psu is never a solution, for a decent psu, one will usually pay 65-100
The 12v rail is the actual capacity of the unit, combining wattages from the minor 3 .3and 5v rails is deception.

so is it worthwhile for an extra 60w of power?
The psu's I listed don't provide just 60w more power. The original psu only provided 210w on the 12v rail, the seasonics provide 300w on the 12v rail and 340w for the cwt on the 12v rails. The 300w seasonics are enough for your system and are of likely higher quality then the cwt unit, though if the price is too high, the cwt unit should work just fine.

You will not find a 400w unit that fits the case.
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Do you think getting the cwt from eBay is safe
I do not know, there are no professional reviews on these units and I can not find any info on what platforms they are based on. If it looks exactly like the one I posted and matches the spec as well, It's probably fine, but I can not guarantee anything.

Just found out my desktop is actually the mini tower not the dt as it was listed when I purchased it, does this change anything?
This changes EVERYTHING!

The MT uses standard atx psu's and the psu that comes with the unit is 275w. Looking at the spec sheet, it's labeled as 275 but can supply up to 325w, So you should be able to just plug the gt1030 in.

If you want more assurance in the form of a new psu, a corsair cx450 would be ideal, though a cv450 or vs450 will likely be fine as well.
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like £30 to be honest
That's unfortunate, you won't find a decent unit for that price. You may find a corsair cx450 for around £40 when it gets back in stock. If you keep an eye out, you may find a VS or CV 450 for around £35 sometimes. The grey and black ones, not the orange or green ones. There's a bit of a pc part shortage atm due to human malware.

Like I mentioned before, for a gt1030, the stock psu should be fine if it is indeed the MT version.
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