Question Dell optiplex 745 MINITOWER not booting to SSD

Apr 12, 2020
Hi everyone,
I have a Dell optiplex 745 MINITOWER at home that I want to boot from an ssd (samsung evo 750 120gb)
I've tried to disconnect the original drive ( 160gb) from both sata connections and only plug in the ssd which contains windows 10 (The original 160gb drive contains windows xp with all my files)
I know that this is a very old pc (around 10 years) but I had another one 2 years ago which I could successfully install windows 10 in it (although it was through an hdd)
So it's very possible to boot it to windows 10, I just can't get it to do it right now...
I've also tried to restore settings in bios and disconnect any other drives.
Also I've tried to install the ssd on another newer pc without any problem to make sure it wasn't a problem there.
Currently the dell 745 runs windows xp like I said before and I want to upgrade to windows 10.



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