Dell optiplex 755 wont turn on


Nov 23, 2011
please help i have a dell optilex 755 that has been pretty much good but this morning refused to boot no beep no display but the processor fan spins alright, can anyone help
Standard debugging is to open the case and remove parts until the PC starts beeping. First get rid of any USB, firewire, etc. attached devices. No wires from your PC except video to monitor and power to wall socket. Does PC start beeping? Booting? No, bummer. Pull the video card if you have one, what happens. then pull memory, what happens, etc. until all you have is a bare MB, power supply and CPU. All other thing disconnected. At this point you shoudl get beep codes (google beep codes). If not post.

Also read this. It's for a new build, not an existing build but it will help.