Question Dell Optiplex 780 mini tower, gpu problem detecting

Jun 21, 2019
trying to make my Dell Optiplex 780 mini tower have gaming potential. swapped the psu for a 500 wat since the old 1 died.

i have a gtx 750 ti with some modding i got it fit into the case, but the computer refuses to detect ANY gpu i stick in it. tried two diffrent hd's and the gtx 750 ti.

the darn thing is i saw alot of ppl upgrade this pc type with these gpu's and they never said they had problems with the software side.

yeah so in bios the pcei are always <empty>

and the only options in bio i have for the video setting is "auto" and "onboard/(something or other)"

no switchblade

i tried disabling the onboard graphics and restarting but no display through the gpu works, i always have to use the onboard analog to see bio/windows.
i did upgrade to the latest bios aswell.

im really looking in for whatever advice in how i can get this dell 780 working with a gpu, otherwise i have to trash the pc and im already 100 bucks in on this, trying to make a pc my nephew can game on (ideally borderlands 2) when he comes over, and i am on a budget
With Dells you need to remove the old GPU drivers in Safe Mode (F8). I would make a System Restore point first in case you need them again.
You also need to find out if your GTX750 is a Legacy BIOS, or UEFI version. They come both ways.
The opti 780 is UEFI and you need to change some BIOS setiings to run a Legacy GPU.
Secure Boot= off, and look for a Legacy Compatability Mode setiing. LCM =on

A built out Opti 780 would have a Q9650, 12-16GB RAM, and a Zotac GTX1050Ti Mini GPU. This GPU actually fits as is.
But GTX750 is good for 720P gaming on an old HD TV set if money is tight.
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