Question Dell Optiplex 9010 think MEBx is preventing bios update.

Aug 8, 2019
I am trying to update the Bios from my Optiplex 9010. from version A18 to A30.

After having flashed the bios multiple times, Windows or Dos, or at least I thought I did, I see it fail. No error messages whatsoever the procedure runs like charm automatic reboot and all except the bios does not update.

I think I understand the MEBx option is blocking the firmware upgrade. In the Intel documentation (Intel ME Manageability Features) It shows an option LOCAL FW UPDATE how ever this option can be disabled with FITC tool. I understand the FITC tool is a file image creation tool that sets the options for a bios update procedure. I have no idea how to use this tool and think I would be using a Colt 45 to kill a fly.

I got this machine out of the dealing room from a bank that maintains its network and devices remote, I don't just am a single user.

Is there a simple way to disable MEBx or to reinstate option LOCAL FW UPDATE without having to design some update procedure?

All I want to do is upgrade the Bios because my mouse and keyboard are lagging..... HELP!!!