Question Dell Optiplex 9020 fan problems.... :-(

Jake Maverick

Mar 27, 2014
So, failing SSD in this machine yesterday so I swapped it out for a new one and did a full system install. Dual Boot Windows 7 and Xubuntu. Now, when I did that I did accidentally pull off the jst plug for the power to the dvd and HD. Only found out when I tried to boot. So, managed to get it back on...wrong way around initially, still wouldn't boot but it is in correct position now. I don't think that faux pas is the cause of the problem.

Machine boots fine, into xubuntu and windows. But when I try and shut down, in either, or put into standby mode...I think it's the cpu fan, but could be others as well come on at full blast, it is very noisy. Does that for a few seconds, then stops and starts again. Keeps going like that until I pull the power cable on it. Not only is that a pain in itself...when I plug back in again the BIOS has reset and I can't boot into windows until I play around with the settings.

Did not have this problem until I swapped out the SSD.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem?