Question Dell Optiplex 9020 randomly gives no signal from graphics card!

Jan 21, 2021
My Geforce 1050 Ti and Dell Optiplex 9020 combo was working fine until a couple of weeks ago. The graphics card has stopped giving a signal when booting. It sometimes works, but I'd have to reboot the computer several times for it to work. The onboard graphics gives signal but I can't game using that. Secure Boot, and Block Sleep (S3 State) are disabled in BIOS, and Boot List Option is set to Legacy. Legacy Option ROMs is enabled in BIOS. Nivida card is not showing up under Primary Display list in BIOS. It used to work fine with these settings until a week ago. When I change boot mode to UEFI, it can't find the boot drive (it says no boot devices found). Any suggestions on how to get the graphics card to work again would be appreciated.
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Unfortunately this is my only desktop PC. So you think the PSU isn't supplying enough power for the GPU to boot up? Any idea why it only happens sometimes, and not all the time?
I honestly dont know why it happens sometimes,but i know that psu's from OEM manufacturers is really bad and limited.I had a lenovo thinkcentre edge 72 pc with a garbage psu.I bought a r9 380 4gb and had a similar problem to yours,so i bought a brand new psu and all problems were gone.
And yes it can happen at any moment,especially when gaming