Dell Optiplex gx620 processor upgrade


May 11, 2012
i wonna upgrade my processor
i have a pentium d 930 3.00GHz
What processor is compatible for my pc
i have a lga775

NOTE: I DON'T UNDERSTAND: I SAW IN SOME FORUMS THAT MY MOTHERBOARD CAN'T SUPPORT DUAL CORE PROCESSORS ,,,,,BUT MY PROCESSOR IS A DUAL CORE (pentium d has 2 core,2 threads .. i can see that in task manager ,,,device manager ,,,,cpu-z)
Google is your friend

I found

It is possible but buying new is not good value, second hand may be better

you have to check very carefully the fast side bus speed supported by motherboard & chipset and the CPU

Pentium 4 D are dual core
there are also Pentium 4's with Hyperthreading

Core 2 Duos use less power so do not get so hot for similar clock speeds as Pentium D's but are more effective at doing work

'Core 2 duo' is the 'core 2' design with 2 cores (rather than 1 or 4) it is not same as 'dual core' which could be Intel, AMD or ARM etc cpu's


Mike Barnes