[SOLVED] Dell OptiPlex with integrated Graphics.


Nov 10, 2016
Hi everyone,
I want to buy a low-end desktop for Adobe illustration and microphone tasks. I cannot waste any more money on my current PC. Suggest me a Dell OptiPlex with integrated graphics. Will prefer any Core2duo or Quad suggestions. Thank you.
Core 2 Optiplexes vary because they made then for quite a while. You can get them for almost nothibg, but no telling what you will have.
Here's a rundown of them
Opti 745 P4 era, can run 266fsb 65nm C2D and Quads, OC option 130W QX6800 SLACP and Throttlestop software about 3.45GHz.
8GB DDR2 800
Opti 755- 95W CPU limit 333fasb. Up to Q9650, or Q6600 SLACR tapemod to 3GHz 8GB DDR2 800.
Opti 760 About the same as the 755.
Opti 780 DDR3 16GB capacity Same CPU choices. 95W 1333fsb.
Opti 380. 2 RAM slots 8GB DDR3. can handle a 120W X5470 Xeon swap.
If you find one that interests you go to userbenchmark.com and see what others are running in them.
The same Q6600 tapemod works for the E7500 2 core to 3.67GHz. on the 1333fsb machines.
Some of the USFF size can only run 65W CPUs. Q0505s, and Q0550s fit that profile.