Question Dell OS not found dell vostro 3570

Jun 22, 2019
Good day.

My dad has an old i7 Dell vostro 3570 I think is 2011. And his old HdD crashed now I bought a new 500gb ssd and trying to install W10 from a rufus written USB

I cant boot to the USB or the new ssd just keep getting the old Dell OS not found error and cant get past it and I have swapped the boot system from achi to ata and Visa versa to no avail. I'm at my wits end. And I dont see any other setting I can alter. ie safeboot, Any help would be a Godsend at the moment. My 1st boot is the USB and 2ndly the HDD. Both are picked up by the system bios.
Thanks for reading folks have a great day

Thanks a mill Riekochet
Jun 22, 2019
So I see that everything is being seen by your BIOS. However seeing your circumstances i believe your issue is simply your bootable media. What i would recommend doing is:
  1. download a new copy of windows iso from microsoft’s website
  2. format your usb drive (go to folder, right click your drive and then hit format)
  3. re burn your USB flash drive from rufus
If this happens again, i would repeat the process but with a different iso burner.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Flash drive needs to be formated as fat32 with a GPT partition to be bootable on a UEFI system.

if the flashdrive is setup properly, have the SSD set as the primary device , sata port set to ahci mode, save and start the system.
Press F12 during POST to bring up the Dell's Boot option screen and select the Flash drive.

if it's not listed then you didn't make the flash drive correctly.
Retry with Rufus using correct settings or use the Microsoft Media Creation tool which is super easy if you have the ISO already or have fast internet to download it.