Question Dell P2415Q monitor audio options ?


Jul 10, 2012
hello. i have been given this monitor for free and its a really nice monitor compared to my old benq gl2450 however this doesn't have built in speakers and I don't have any speakers to connect to it and I'm not sure what my options are. basically, i will connect my playstation via HDMI and my pc via DISPLAY PORT. if i were to buy the dell soundbar would i be able to output sound from both pc and playstation?. im led to believe that you would need to connect the usb from the soundbar to whatever your using which isn't ideal for me, would my other option be to buy speakers that have a 3.5 connection and connect to the monitor?, would it output the sound from the monitor or would i need to connect to either the playstation or pc? Thanks
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Firstly you should determine what audio sources you are dealing with? The buy an audio switch to use with your soundbar.

For example, your PC has a 3.5mm audio output while your PS has an optical output (most common case), you will have to find a switch that supports both 3.5mm and optical, and so on.