Question Dell PC in booting loop with black screen

Jun 16, 2019
Hi, I just completed a windows update and my when my computer restarted it went straight to black screen. So I switched it off and switched it back on again and that’s when the booting loop started.

I’ve tried to boot it into safe mode but that hasn’t worked. I also removed the RAM cards and cleaned them and replaced them. When I turned my PC back on the power button turned amber and flashed 5 times continuously. According to my manual that means that the cmos battery had failed. So I opened up the PC and replaced the battery. I pressed the power button for 10 seconds before replacing the battery.

This fixed the battery issue but not the booting loop issue or black screen issue.

I saw in a thread on here that someone with similar problems to mine pressed the F9 button so I tried that currently the computer is not in a booting loop but I still have a black screen.

I really need help to fix my PC please.

I don’t know much about computers. I know a little. I’ve only been trying out other people’s suggestions that I’ve seen online in the hope that they would fix my PC.

I have a Dell XPS 8930 windows 10 PC.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance. 😊


Apr 13, 2019
What happens when you try and boot to safe mode? The easiest way is to repeatedly press f8 key when you see the flash screen. If you can get into safe mode you can try an uninstall the last Windows update. Another thing to try is at the f8 menu, choose boot low resolution (640x480) this in case your graphics drivers are corrupted.

Hopefully you have an install drive. If so, boot from the install drive and when it gets to the place to install or repair, chose repair and follow the menu to repair startup. If not you will need access to another computer and follow the instructions from this link until you get about 1/3 way down where the screen says your USB flash drive is ready (it will also make an ISO you can burn to a DVD if you prefer.

If that does not work you may need to do a reinstall. either try this or if you have a Dell reinstall disc you can use that, or if want to do a clean install with most current Windows 10 ver, you can go to the clean install link and follow it to the end.
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Jun 16, 2019
Thanks for your reply. I had someone I know take a look at my system. He said that my ssd drive was broken because the ssd bootable drive wasn’t visible to my computer. He’s going to try and recover my data for me and install a replacement ssd drive into my computer. I hope this will fix the problem.

Thanks again. I appreciate your efforts. ;)