Question Dell PowerEdge T110 II server turned itself off at nights

Jul 15, 2019
It started about 2 month ago and is now more frequent.

The strangest part is that, every time after it went off, when I came back to check it in the morning, it did not response at all when I pressed the power button. There are other 2 spare power cords near it, I used them instead, the situation was the same.

The solution every time was that, I moved it to another place (my desktop, or a user's desktop nearby), connected the power, it was back to normal. Moving it back to its original place, everything became fine. The same thing happened totally 6 times so far.

I used a Linux command to check the CPU temperature during the day time, it was normal. It is not a heavy-duty server, no body uses it at the nights.

I have another server of the same model, but this never happened to it.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Martin :)


May 29, 2017
It sounds like your PSU is starting to go. It's an older server as well, so I would unplug it and open up the case and examine all the capacitors. They look like little round cans if you don't already know. Look to see if any of them are bulged on the top or swollen. If so, it's time for a Motherboard replacement or a new server. The problem with motherboard replacement is that the same components were used in manufacturing unless it is revised board, but it sounds like the Power Supply is going.